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2024 Rush SR Race Car



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Engine 1.0L 145hp
Transmission 6 Spd Manual
Drive 2WD
Exterior White
Interior Black
Stock NO 1878
Fuel economy


Diversion Motorsports is proud to be an official Rush dealer!  Contact us to place an order, review present inventory, or discuss track opportunities.  We offer complete cars for sale or rent along with parts, service, track support, and more. 

Maybe you have been thinking about finding a way onto your favorite road course.  Or maybe you have already turned plenty of laps on track.  Either way, you probably know the costs associated with track days and racing add up quickly.  Most purpose-built racecars that offer prototype levels of performance will run well over $100k, not to mention another $10-20k per race weekend – assuming you don’t wreck.  Ouch.  But if you move to something with a more plausible budget, it is usually means a converted street car (such as Spec Miata) that doesn’t offer the thrill many drivers seek.  

So what is a racer to do?  The all-new Rush SR offers the perfect solution.  Now you can afford a true purpose-built race car with superior performance that is cheaper to run, more fun to drive, and faster than all but the best-prepped track-day specials.  While this may sound like fantasy, Rush has made it reality.

Weighing in at a mere 950 pounds and offering 145 rwhp, the Rush SR is a serious track day weapon.  Power is derived from a 1.0L Rush S-1000 inline four-cylinder engine that revs all the way to 11,800 rpm.  Note the engine and ECU are sealed directly from Rush to ensure fair competition amongst the variety of spec classes available to this race car.  The six-speed transmission is operated by a seriously fun pneumatically assisted paddle shifter that features no-lift shifts & auto-blipping, meaning no clutch is needed while driving.  Power is delivered through an adjustable Rush limited slip differential, and simple gear changes mean you can easily find a ratio that best suits your track.

The Rush SR stays planted at high and low speeds thanks to the fully adjustable RAW suspension system.  Features include front and rear unequal length A-arms, billet aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and toe, adjustable sway bars front and rear, and two-way adjustable Rush shocks with adjustable spring rates as well.  Braking comes from Rush four-piston billet calipers front and rear clamping 26-vane floating rotors measuring 274 x 25 mm.

By comparison to other sports racers and open cockpit track day cars, the Rush SR offers better safety features thanks to its well-engineered TIG welded primary space frame structure.  A dual 1-3/4” Docol R8 primary rollbar system provides excellent support and rollover protection.  In addition to the well-designed chassis, the Rush SR features composite Tegris anti-intrusion panels, a front aluminum crash box, and a rear crash structure.  All cars come standard with a six-point racing harness, and an optional fire suppression system further enhances driver safety.

The durable Rush SR bodywork is formed from 14 panels to allow for easy, low-cost replacement of any damaged pieces.  In fact, all panels are small enough to ship within a standard sized UPS box.  The front and rear clips come off without tools, giving you quick and easy access to the entire car: engine, suspension, electronics, and more.

In addition to a low entry cost, the Rush SR also provides the lowest operating costs you will find.  Consumables like tires, brakes, and fuel can go significantly further on a Rush than on other race cars.  It all makes for more affordable fun while maintaining a high level of performance.

Whether you are looking for a fun track day rocket or a competitive new race car, the Rush SR is a fantastic solution.  Starting at under $40,000 brand new, you will be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck when it comes to getting on track – and staying there.  As an official Rush dealer, Diversion Motorsports can offer everything you need to get in the driver’s seat.  Contact us today to discuss pricing, track support, or to just talk about our personal experiences with the Rush SR!


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